John Wayne and John Ford on the set of The Alamo, 1960. It says a lot about stardom when you can identify someone by just their silhouette.
While serving as Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps, director Robert B. Sinclair gets married to actress Heather Angel in the Beverly Hills Community Church. April, 1944
Harry Carey, Jr. - May 16, 1921-December 27, 2012
Harry Carey Jr., a character actor who starred in such Westerns as “3 Godfathers” and “Wagon Master,” has died. He was 91. Son of famed silent film star Harry Carey, “Dobe” was a member of the John Ford stock company appearing in many of the director’s major films.
He was my Godmother’s father and it was so exciting to hear him tell the stories of old Hollywood.  He will be missed.

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Basil Rathbone

ill never get sick of this picture. love.
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